Usui’s Memorial

(Source: Essence of Gendai Reiki ho – Sensei Hiroshi Doi; translation by Yukio Miura; editing by Richard R. Rivard, Tom Rigler)

Virtue is what you obtain naturally through cultivation and training, and merit is to spread and carry out the instruction and salvation. The great founder is someone with great virtue as well as great merit. From ancient times, every person who started a new theory or religion were considered that way. Usui-Sensei should be one of them. Sensei started “the technique to improve your mind and body based on Reiki in the universe.” An enormous number of people from everywhere came to him to learn the remedy or for the treatment. It was prosperous.

The given name of Sensei was Mikao and his pen name was Gyoho. He was from Taniai-mura, Yamagata-gun, Gifu-ken and his ancestor was Tsunetane Chiba (a military commander from the end of Heian era through the beginning of Kamakura era). His father was Taneuji and usually called Uzaemon and his Mother was from Kawai family. Sensei was born on August 15, 1865. He studied under adversity from childhood and his academic ability was extraordinary.

When he grew up, he visited the western world and studied in China. He wasn’t as successful in his life as much as he deserved and often lived in poverty being out of luck, but still continued to train himself.

One day, he started a fast on Mt Kurama. On the twenty first day of the fast, he felt the great Reiki above his head and reached spiritual awakening and realized Reiki Ryoho. He tried this remedy on himself and his family and it brought an immediate result. He hoped “to spread this power to share the joy with as many people as possible instead of keeping it within his family.” In April 1922, he moved to Aoyama-Harajuku in Tokyo and established the society to spread and perform Reiki Ryoho. The place was filled to overflowing.

In September 1923, a severe earthquake occurred and a huge fire broke out in the Kanto area and numerous people were injured. Sensei treated the sufferers everywhere, day after day. The people he saved were uncountable. This is the brief statement of his relief work at this disaster.

In February 1925, he moved and expanded his exercise hall in Nakano. His fame by then was extraordinary and he was invited all over the country. Responding to the invitations, he went to Kure, Hiroshima, Sakga and then to Fukuyama. At an inn in Fukuyama, he passed away from an illness at the age of 62.

His wife was Sadako from Suzuki family and they had one son and one daughter. The son’s name is Fuji. And he inherited the Usui family.

Master was a person of generosity, modesty and faith, big build and always had a smile on his face. When he coped with something, he was strong-willed, patient and prepared. He was very versatile and loved reading. He had a thorough knowledge of history, biography, medical science, Buddhism and Christianity, psychology, magic, physiognomy and so on. It is clear that all his knowledge was on the base of his training, and the training was the key to realize Reiki Ryoho.

After all, the main purpose of Reiki Ryoho is not only to treat sickness but also to stay healthy in mind and body and to enjoy the happiness of life. Therefore learn the teachings of the Emperor Meiji and recite the five admonitions in the beginning and the end of each day when you teach other people.

The five admonitions are 1. Do not lose temper today, 2. Do not worry, 3. Be thankful, 4. Work hard, 5. Be kind. These are very important when you train yourself and are used by the sages from ancient times. Sensei considered them as the technique of bringing happiness and the miraculous medicine and indicated the clear purpose of teaching. His instruction was developed to be easy to understand and it is simple. What you do is to sit straight and pray every day to be pure and healthy in mind and its essence is to reflect it in your daily life. This is the reason Reiki Ryoho is easily accepted.

Nowadays the aspects of life dramatically change and so does the philosophy. If Reiki Ryoho gets wide spread, it will be a big help to save people from immorality. It will never be just for the treatment of sickness.

There are already over 2000 pupils of Sensei. Some in town gather and work at the society following his will and some out of town try to spread it on their own. In spite of Sensei’s death, Reiki Ryoho must be wide spread and passed on forever. How remarkable of Sensei to spread what he obtained on his own.

His pupils came to a decision to build a monument in the graveyard of the Bodhi temple at this opportunity and we are requested for the epigraph. We deeply admire the work of Sensei as well as respect their unity and took the honor to compose the summary of his life. We sincerely hope that he and his work will be looked up to in all times.

February, 1927 Title by the Emperor: Chairman of literature. Edited by Doctor of Literature, Masayuki Okada, Written by Juzaburo Gyuda (Ushida), Rear Admiral


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