Using Reiki and EFT

When I learn new tools, I don’t think about them separately. I like to mix and match tools, use different tools together. So let’s talk about integrating EFT and Reiki practice.

The easiest way to integrate them is to activate the Reiki flow while tapping. Having Reiki flowing out of your fingertips while tapping will improve the effectiveness of the tapping. If you are Reiki Level 2 (Okuden), then you can visualize the symbols on your fingertips. I like to use a Reiki sandwich (CKR/SHK/CKR) on the tips of my tapping fingers.

When you reach the second part – where you flip the script and start tapping on positive affirmations, Nentatsu ho is a wonderful complement. Mixing in Nentatsu ho in between rounds of tapping is a good way to integreate the two systems. Reiki Level 2 practitioners can use the advanced technique that utilizes the SHK symbol for more effect. You should only use this during the second half of the full tapping treatment; using this during the first part will not provide the desired results.

One of the Reiki self healing techniques I learned was to treat without placing your hands on the various parts of the body. You would imagine “disembodied” hands moving over various parts of your body and the Reiki would flow there. There is an old saying, “Ki follows the mind.” That means the energy moves to whatever you are thinking about. So if you think about your head, energy flows naturally to that area. So by visualizing (or imagining) hands over various portions of your body, your mind is directing the Reiki to flow there.

In a similar manner, you can tap, without tapping. Visualize a disembodied hand tapping on the various points. This is a great technique to use when you need to tap but don’t feel comfortable doing so. I have used this technique on a plane when we hit turbulence causing me quite a bit of distress. I tapped with my “energy hands” while reciting the phrases under my breath.

Finally, for Level 2 practitioners, you can use the same practices in distance healing to tap for another individual. Follow whatever particular method you use to connect to your recipient over a distance, and then use yourself as the proxy. Some might argue that if you are going to do this, why not just send them distance Reiki, and that is a fair question. But some clients might feel better with you sending them distance tapping instead of distance Reiki. Since this is really about them and not us, doing what they are more comfortable with is really what’s best.

So there we are; I have finally finished my series on Reiki and EFT. I hope you find this information useful. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.


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