reiki principles


On the Wall or In Your Heart?

By Frans StieneThe precepts within the system of Reiki are the most important element; they are the foundation of the system. Without understanding the foundation the whole system will crumble, like a house without a good solid foundation.Many people just stick the precepts on the wall, recite them a few times a day and that […]

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My Personal Mantra

I decided to take some time to talk about my personal mantra. This is what I say to myself on a regular basis to keep me on track, as it were. The nice thing about a personal mantra is that you get to take full ownership. The connection is stronger because I took the time […]

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Reiki Principles

TheĀ Reiki PrinciplesĀ are at the heart of Usui’s system of healing and transformation. Sometimes called precepts, principles, and affirmation; these are the part of the system of Reiki that makes it unique to founder Mikao Usui. The secret art of inviting happiness The wonderful medicine for all diseases Just for today Release angry Release worry Be […]

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