Chakras and Reiki

I once heard a Reiki Master refuse to discuss Chakras because they were not originally part of Reiki. This Master is correct of course; Reiki is a Japanese practice and Chakras are not how the Japanese see the energy anatomy. However, I think Chakras can be incorporated into the system of Reiki. Chakra is a […]

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My Reiki altar

Crafting a Reiki Altar

“When we have 100% faith in our own personal practice then it doesn’t matter what others say about it. You wouldn’t care, get angry or worried about that if you had 100% faith in your practice. Therefore faith is a very important element in our journey!” – Frans Stiene For me, crafting a Reiki altar […]

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Money and Reiki: Part 1

In 2007, US adults spent $33.9 billion on Complementary and Alternative Medcine (CAM) treatments, products, and classes. With rising healthcare costs and continuous reports of unsafe side effects of pharmaceuticals, the need for practitioners in the CAM industry is rising. Maybe you started out learning Reiki for yourself, but now you are being drawn into […]

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When To Go For Master?

When should a student decide to go for Master level training? A lot of Reiki students ask when they should go for the Master level class. Obviously, the answer is going to vary from person to person, but there are definitely some key points to consider this. The core focus of Master level (regardless of […]

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Hatsurei Ho – The Jewel of Reiki

Hatsurei ho is the Jewel of Reiki. It is one of the most powerful Reiki meditation techniques. This technique is part mindfulness meditation, part strengthening the Reiki channel, and part self empowerment. It is said to be the cornerstone of Usui’s practices. Preparation – Clearing the mind The first part of doing Hatsurei ho is […]

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