Shielding and Reiki – Part 3

In the previous article, I spoke about how raising your energy vibration acts as a shield against lower frequency (often referred to as negative) energy. This time, I would like to discuss an actual shielding process that adds some extra protection.

Why do we need another type of shielding? If raising our vibration causes negative energy to “bounce” off us, why bother with any other shielding?

As I wrote the frying pan story, I was reminded of what happened the next time I made pancakes. I got so interested in the water dancing on the pan, I kept doing it. And doing it. I did it so much that the water stopped dancing. I had actually put enough water on to the pan to cool it down. And this is why we need a second type of shielding.

As negative energy interacts with yours, there is a slight reduction in the vibration of your energy. You can raise it again, but this process takes continuous effort. Getting away from the frying pan analogy for a bit, lets take a kettle of water. You heat it up to make tea. What happens when you remove the kettle from the heat? It immediately starts to cool. You can keep reapplying heat, but its hard to drink your tea from a kettle on the stove. So what do you do when you want to take your tea with you? You pour it into a thermos; something that keep the cooler air away from the hot tea so the tea doesn’t cool down quickly.

And that is what your shield will act as. It will create a barrier between your personal energy and the energies you encounter every day. You only need a few minutes for this very simple practice. Just visualize en egg or sphere surrounding you. You can draw the Reiki symbols on the surface if you like. Vincent Amador recommends CKR in all six direction, SHK on the third eye and heart, HSZSN above the head, and DKM on the entire length of the body. Spend several minutes holding this image in your mind and add it to your daily practice.

Some people make the sphere out of a solid object, like diamond or titanium. Experiment with a few different ideas and see what works best for you. For me, I actually started with “Star Trek” shields – energy shields that reflected all energy except those of the same frequency. Anything that was for my higher good was the same frequency and passed right through.

Next time, I will talk a little about setting shields around objects and places and shields with different purposes.

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