Positive affirmations: Nentatsu ho

This is a technique for getting a silent message across to the recipient’s subconscious with the Reiki vibration transmitted through your hands. There is a wide range of use for it, such as breaking bad habits, getting across Usui-sensei’s five Reiki principles to people in serious disease, etc.

A. Hold your hands up as high as possible, and feel the vibrations of Reiki showering into the whole of the body.

B. Bring the hands down and place one hand on the forehead (hairline) and the other on the back of the head. Think the thought that they have asked you to help them with. Make sure it is positive and in their highest interest. The important part is to keep the intent clear, pure and confident.

C. Remove your hands. If this is part of a normal treatment, then proceed; otherwise, Gassho and finish. Shake your wrists well.

This technique can be performed on yourself or others. This is a great technique to reinforce other modalities, such as hypnosis or tapping. In the case of tapping, after you have tapped away the negative, Nentatsu ho can be used to help reinforce the positive statements.

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