EFT Overview

I have really been interested in EFT since I first learned about it several years ago. EFT is a very interesting technique that utilizes the principles of acupressure to help clear all kinds of energy blockages in the system. Overview of EFT EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy to learn system that allows […]

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Positive affirmations: Nentatsu ho

This is a technique for getting a silent message across to the recipient’s subconscious with the Reiki vibration transmitted through your hands. There is a wide range of use for it, such as breaking bad habits, getting across Usui-sensei’s five Reiki principles to people in serious disease, etc. A. Hold your hands up as high […]

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Aura Cleansing

In the energetic system, the chakras are the equivalent of the organs, the meridians or nadis are the blood vessel, and the aura is the skin, muscles, and bones. The aura extends out past the physical body and is the part that first comes into contact with the energy around the person. Like the skin, […]

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Cleansing Objects: Jakikiri Joka ho

I mentioned that cleansing is a very important requirement for energy work. This time, I would like to talk about cleansing objects. Jakikiri Joka ho is a technique that is used for energy purification or cleansing and energy boosting of an object. Use Jakikiri Joka ho to remove strong negative energy and vibrations from an object by […]

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Cleansing: Kenyoku ho

Any type of energy work should include a practice of self-cleaning. Even the most gifted practitioner will encounter situations where some lower vibration energy gets stuck to them. Kenyoku ho (dry bathing or brushing off) is a technique to clear and strengthen the energy channels. This is a technique is part of healing for self […]

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