My Personal Mantra

I decided to take some time to talk about my personal mantra. This is what I say to myself on a regular basis to keep me on track, as it were. The nice thing about a personal mantra is that you get to take full ownership. The connection is stronger because I took the time […]

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Caregivers Could Add Reiki to Medicine Bag

Kathleen Dowd wrote an article for the Brattleboro Reformer about caregivers learning Reiki. Many families are struggling with chronic illness, hospice care, children with various conditions, learning and behavioral challenges, and acute emergencies as well. Reiki can lend ease, relaxation, and support to those in need. One may go to a qualified Reiki practitioner for […]

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Using Reiki and EFT

When I learn new tools, I don’t think about them separately. I like to mix and match tools, use different tools together. So let’s talk about integrating EFT and Reiki practice. The easiest way to integrate them is to activate the Reiki flow while tapping. Having Reiki flowing out of your fingertips while tapping will […]

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Using EFT

EFT for Lasting Change

Once you understand the overview of EFT and learn the Basic Recipe,  it is time to work with long-standing issues. The great thing about the Basic Recipe, is you can use it almost anywhere to tap away a fear, anxiety, or some other very immediate concern. I have used it many times to help relieve […]

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EFT- The Basic Recipe

Previously, I gave an overview of EFT and defined the basic tapping points. Now, I would like to go over the EFT Basic Recipe. The Basic Recipe is like a mother sauce in cooking. Once you have the basic formula down, you can use it in hundreds of ways by tweaking it. The basic recipe […]

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