Gassho Breathing: Seishin Toitsu Ho

There are two Reiki techniques for self development that are my favorites. Gassho Breathing (Seishin Toistsu Ho) is a wonderful meditation and self development exercise. Gassho Breathing strengthens your connection to Reiki. At the same time, you increase the flow of energy and your sensitivity it.

How to Perform Gassho Breathing (Seishin Toitsu Ho)

  1. Place your hands in gassho (prayer) position in front of your heart.
  2. As you breathe in, see light entering your hands and flow through your body to your tanden. (The tanden corresponds to the sacral chakra and is 3 finger widths below the naval).
  3. During the brief pause between inhalation and exhalation, see the light expand to fill your whole body.
  4. As you breathe out, see the light flow out of your body through the hands.

Usually, you would perform this exercise seated with your eyes closed.

Benefits of Gassho Breathing

So what are the benefits of Seishin Toitsu Ho? By moving the energy in and out through your hands, you will increase the flow. Moving energy is a skill and the more you practice, the better you will become.

As you practice Gassho Breathing, you will open the chakras in your hands – and not just the ones in your palms. The little ones on the pads of each of your fingers will also open up through this. By doing that, you will increase the sensitivity to energy.

Finally, Seishin Toitsu Ho will help build your powers of visualization. Visualization is a powerful tool in helping yourself and others. In Chinese Medicine, they say chi follows the mind. Being able to visualize the Reiki flowing to specific areas and performing specific acts, your treatments will more effective.

From experience, students have trouble with Gassho Breathing. “Breathing out of your hands” (as one student put it) can be a difficult skill to master. That is why I like teaching it as first degree. Start working on it early, and the student will have more time to master it.

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