Crafting a Reiki Altar

“When we have 100% faith in our own personal practice then it doesn’t matter what others say about it. You wouldn’t care, get angry or worried about that if you had 100% faith in your practice. Therefore faith is a very important element in our journey!”
– Frans Stiene

For me, crafting a Reiki altar expressed that faith.

A Reiki altar is a great tool to maintain your personal practice. The altar sets a physical place in your world that matches the spiritual place Reiki already holds. After ten years of Reiki practice, building a Reiki altar has helped my personal practice s hundred fold.

A Reiki altar gives you a place to practice Reiki. By creating a special place, your practice will take on special meaning. The altar becomes a symbol of the importance of Reiki in your life. Reiki is part of both your spiritual world and physical world.

Your Reiki altar should only be as elaborate as you want to make it. Simple altars work well, especially when starting out. You can start with a symbol or a picture of Mikao Usui. As your practice grows, you will add more elements to it.

Simple or elaborate, your Reiki altar will help keep Reiki present in your thoughts. Without a Reiki altar, your Reiki practice can fall to the wayside. Your busy day can swallow up your time. Seeing the altar regularly will bring it back to your conscious thoughts.

Building a Reiki altar is a great way to enhance your Reiki practice. The altar sets a special place for you to practice your Reiki. Start out with a simple altar and add to it as you feel inspired. The altar will be a conscious reminder of your spiritual practice. Find a place today where you can set up a Reiki altar to enhance your practice.

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