Cleansing Objects: Jakikiri Joka ho

I mentioned that cleansing is a very important requirement for energy work. This time, I would like to talk about cleansing objects. Jakikiri Joka ho is a technique that is used for energy purification or cleansing and energy boosting of an object.

Use Jakikiri Joka ho to remove strong negative energy and vibrations from an object by purifying it with Reiki energy and replacing it with positive energy.

  1. Pick up the object you wish to clear in your non-dominant hand
  2. Using your dominant hand, chop the space about 5 cm above the object with your hand horizontally and make a sudden stop of your hand movement. When you do the chopping action, focus your attention on your “tanden” (3 cm below your navel) while holding your breath, and chop the length of your hand.
  3. Repeat this three times. This means you are doing 3 abrupt chops. This will turn the vibration into a good one.
  4. Give Reiki for purification and boosting the object’s energy
  5. You can repeat from step 2 again in order to keep the negative vibration away, and do this as often as you feel necessary.

You can use this on crystals, charms, or any object, regardless of size. If the object does not fit in your hand, perform the technique on selected points or visualize a miniature version of the object in the palm of your hand, and then perform the technique as instructed.

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