Cleansing: Kenyoku ho

Any type of energy work should include a practice of self-cleaning. Even the most gifted practitioner will encounter situations where some lower vibration energy gets stuck to them.

Kenyoku ho (dry bathing or brushing off) is a technique to clear and strengthen the energy channels. This is a technique is part of healing for self purification and growth.

  1. Place the fingers of your right hand near the top of the left shoulder, with the fingertips over the indentation just in from the edge of the shoulder (where the collar bone meets the shoulder). The hand is lying flat.
  2. Draw the flat hand down across the chest in a straight line, over the “V” of the sternum (where the rib cage meets) down to the right hip.
  3. Repeat this procedure on the right side, using the left hand. Draw it flattened from the shoulder, in a straight line, across the sternum, to the left hip.
  4. Repeat the procedure again on the left side.
  5. Place the fingers of the right hand on the left shoulder. Draw the right hand, flattened, down the outside of the arm, all the way to the finger tips, all the while keeping the left arm straight and at your side.
  6. Repeat this process on the right side, with the left hand on the right forearm and drawing it down the right arm to the fingertips.
  7. Repeat the process on the left side again.

I teach this technique in Reiki 1 before any other energy work is learned. I reinforce with students that this technique should be performed before and after any energy work or healing.

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