Chakras and Reiki

I once heard a Reiki Master refuse to discuss Chakras because they were not originally part of Reiki. This Master is correct of course; Reiki is a Japanese practice and Chakras are not how the Japanese see the energy anatomy. However, I think Chakras can be incorporated into the system of Reiki.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” Based on Yogi Philosophy, the Chakras are spiritual energy centers. They exist in the spiritual part of man’s being that mirrors our physical body.

Chakras are energy centers that spin like vortexes and radiate energy from thed point it corresponds to in the physical body. They are comprised of layers that fan out in a shape of a heart. The Chakras both give and receive energy. Although there are Chakras all over the body, there are seven main ones. These seven main ones emit a light energy and are reside in our spiritual body. We can see pictures of Chakras represented by a wheel that resembles a flower. Each one has a specific number of petals relevant to that Chakra.

A good analogy is to see Chakras as energetic organs that store and process energy. The Seven Main Chakras are located in a line along the spinal column; each composed of high frequency strands consisting of energy. Reiki channels the Universal Life Force in and out of the subtle and physical body. Through the Chakras, the Reiki energy travels through the Nadis, our energetic “blood vessels.”

The purpose of Reiki is to heal, purify and protect all aspects of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Universal energy balances and energizes all of these aspects. If a Chakra is damaged or has Blockage, it cannot channel energy properly. These blockages lead to bodily imbalances and diseases in either the physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual state of man.

The Chakras in the palms are used to channel the Universal Energy to others. In Reiki, the Universal Life force enters the practitioner through the Crown and Heart Chakras. The Universal Life Force is directed out to the palms to treat the recipient of the Reiki. In Reiki, the Chakras are the focal points to give and receive energy. The goal is to balance the energy in each Chakra so the recipient becomes balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When the Chakras are balanced, the recipient is able to achieve optimum health in both the spiritual and physical body.

Understanding energy anatomy, while not strictly necessary, is helpful to a Reiki practitioner. If nothing else, an understanding of the Chakras gives your intuition a “language” to communicate with you. And all learning is a positive thing; so I definitely recommend you learn the Chakra system – and many other systems of energy anatomy. Use the one that resonates most with you to aid in you becoming a more complete Reiki practitioner.

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