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7 Myths about Reiki

There is a lot of misinformation about Reiki floating around out there. Much of this comes from people getting incomplete information and then filling in the blanks with what they already know. So let’s discuss seven popular myths about Reiki. Reiki is a religion or Reiki is a healing art Reiki is a spiritual practice […]

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Best Places to Practice Reiki

I hear online Level 1 students saying they don’t know where they practice giving Reiki treatments to others. As a Reiki practitioner who has moved four times in the last 18 months, I know the frustrations of finding a place to practice Reiki with others. I mean, it’s not like there is a section in […]

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How Meridians and Chakras Work Together

Chakras are spiritual energy centers located in our spiritual bodies. They channel Universal Life Force Energy in and out of our physical and spiritual bodies. They both transmit and receive energy. The meridians are energy paths in the body in which the Life Force Energy flows through. The idea with both is that they be balanced. When […]

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Chakras and Reiki

I once heard a Reiki Master refuse to discuss Chakras because they were not originally part of Reiki. This Master is correct of course; Reiki is a Japanese practice and Chakras are not how the Japanese see the energy anatomy. However, I think Chakras can be incorporated into the system of Reiki. Chakra is a […]

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Animal Reiki

If it is possible, animals love Reiki more than people.  There is a relaxing exchange of energy between the animal and the practitioner.  Some animals instinctively know you are trying to help them. They will stand still and let the Reiki envelop them.  Some animals are givers as well. They instinctively send energy back to […]

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