Caregivers Could Add Reiki to Medicine Bag

Many families are struggling with chronic illness, hospice care, children with various conditions, learning and behavioral challenges, and acute emergencies as well. Reiki can lend ease, relaxation, and support to those in need. One may go to a qualified Reiki practitioner for regular sessions, or take classes and develop the skills to practice Reiki oneself. The benefit of this is the ability to offer Reiki healing to loved ones regularly, as well as to one’s self. Self-Reiki can be practiced on a daily basis to support oneself and ease the stress of caring for others.

One of the great things about caregivers – or anyone in healthcare – learning Reiki is that energy will flow regardless. You do not have to do anything special. During the normal course of interactions and treatments, the Reiki will flow from the caregiver to the patient. I know a few massage therapists that have told me that they can’t help but do Reiki while giving a massage. When your intent is to help someone, Reiki just flows.

In addition, since the patient has already come to the caregiver for treatment, there is already a consent given to make them feel better. So whether or not you believe permission is necessary to properly perform a Reiki treatment on someone, permission has already been given.

And as Kathleen mentioned, caregivers need to remember to treat them selves daily as well. Caring for others takes up a lot of energy – physical, mental, and emotional. Giving yourself a Reiki treatment every day helps recharge your own reserves so that you are able to continue caring for others.

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