Breathing the Light Meditation: Joshin Kokyu Ho

Like many Eastern systems, meditation and breath are very important aspects of self development. By incorporating Reiki into your meditative practice, you not only gain the benefits from the meditation but also strengthen your connection to and gain the healing benefits of Reiki.

Joshin Kokyu-ho means the Breathing of Cleanse the Spirit. It is also known as Hikari no Kokyu Ho which means Breathing the Light Method. This is a method for reducing your stress and purifying your mind and body.

  1. Begin in a comfortable standing or sitting position. Close or half close the eyes. Breathe slowly, through you nose. Let go of any tension.
  2. Place your hands in prayer position in front of your heart (also called Gassho), and calm the mind.
  3. Hold your hands up as high as possible, and feel the vibrations of light (Reiki) showering into the whole of the body.
  4. Slowly move your hands downwards to your lap, palms facing up and keeping the hands relaxed as if you were holding eggs. Bring your mind to the Tanden (3 – 5 cm. below the navel) and listen to your breathing.
  5. While you are breathing in, visualize that white light (Reiki) is filling your head, and down the center (Hara) line through the body and into the Tanden. During the pause between inhalation and exhalation, the light spreads to all parts of your body. Feel that the healing process is happening.
  6. As you breathe out, visualize that the light filling your body is spreading out in all directions, filling the room and beyond.
  7. Continue these exercises for a while.

Joshin Kokyu ho is a wonderful meditation that is both cleansing and healing. Performing this meditation regularly will strengthen your connection to Reiki. Some also find it will increase their intuitive abilities as well.

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