Aura Cleansing

This week for Technique Tuesday, I would like to talk about cleansing the recipient of a Reiki healing treatment.

In the energetic system, the chakras are the equivalent of the organs, the meridians or nadis are the blood vessel, and the aura is the skin, muscles, and bones. The aura extends out past the physical body and is the part that first comes into contact with energy around the the person. Like the skin, the aura can become dirty, develop cracks and tears, and leak energy.

Aura Cleansing should be done before and after a Reiki session. Pre-healing aura cleansing drains the excess energy and adjusts the aura to balance the energy. As the feel of your hands improve, you will become able to feel the places of energy with a bad condition.

Post-healing aura cleansing is critical. As the energy of the whole body is purified after healing, the flow is accelerated and it is in a sensitive condition so that it easily accepts any wave. Therefore it must be adjusted not to get any low or rough wave.

Stroke the air above the whole body of the receiver with both hands, or with a single hand, about 10 centimeters away from the body. It is done from head to toe or from left to right of the body, and in one continuous movement. If you are using one hand, do one side of the body and then go around to the other side and do that side.

For post-healing aura cleansing, let the receiver rest in peace for a while (more than five minutes) afterwards.

Like Kenyoku, Aura Cleansing should be performed before and after every Reiki healing treatment, regardless of the length. This is a good habit to build into any energy healing practice.

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