Animal Reiki

If it is possible, animals love Reiki more than people.  There is a relaxing exchange of energy between the animal and the practitioner.  Some animals instinctively know you are trying to help them. They will stand still and let the Reiki envelope them.  Some animals are givers as well. They instinctively send energy back to the practitioner as well.  This is a wonderful way to bond with your animal friend.

Animals hold their troubles under the belly or down the spine.  Make sure to target these areas when you are treating them.  Most practitioners will start at the animal’s head and work their way down the spine.  You will sense some “hot” spots and know where you need to go.  Talk to the animal while doing the treatment.  Let them know you love and care for them. Tell them you want them to be around a long, long time.  Three times a week should be sufficient to start.  After a week or so, the spots should be worked out, and the animal will heal more easily in the future.

Sometimes, it is something simple bothering the animal.  Maybe the turmoil in your family or maybe you are under stress at work and you are bringing it home.  Like children, the animal can pick up on this and it can lead to stress for both of you.  The animal may start to feel run down or get violently ill.  Try to keep your emotions in check and not take it out on the family.  Your children and animals will thank you for it.

I can always tell when my cat, Mikao, wants Reiki. Mikao is a “lap kitty” so when he wants attention, he jumps in my lap. When he wants Reiki, he settles down and stares at me. He waits until I place my hands close to him and start sending Reiki before he shows his affection and starts purring. And he always lets me know when he has had enough.

Mikao can also tell when I need a little energy boost.  He hops up in my lap and starts purring very loudly as he sends the energy into me. I tell my Reiki friends that I have given him so much Reiki, that he became attuned and is now a Reiki Master himself.

These are unconditional bundles of love that you can’t buy anywhere else.  The pets in our lives give us so much, and we should at least try to give them some healing in return.  Most dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards, and turtles love to receive Reiki.

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