About Me

Randall Hall, Reiki Master/Teacher and Coach

Howdy, I am Randall Hall, Randy to my friends. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher & EFT Master Practitioner. I have been interested in energy healing and self-care for around 20 years.

My journey has been an interesting one. I have not had many positive experiences with doctors and hospitals. I guess we have to start this story with my brother. He almost didn’t make it. An intern made a mistake when my mother in the hospital with him. This was an Army teaching hospital, so we saw a lot of interns growing up. My brother survived, but that story was told many times by my mom.

My experiences with doctors didn’t get much better. In elementary school, I had an issue with my feet, and it took multiple visits before they could even diagnose it and then several more before they prescribed the correct treatment.

And now we come to the one doctor I had positive experiences with. My mom finally got us kids on company insurance, so she took me to her doctor. He found some anomalies and referred me to a specialist. This led to a series of specialists and tests and many, many blood draws.

Both my mom and I were getting frustrated. So, when the latest specialist called her and asked to run some more tests, she asked him a lot of questions. Only he was evasive and refused to answer them.

My mom went back to her doctor who had made the referral and asked for a new doctor. That’s when we met Dr Becker. He was very friendly and responsive. And he made an effort to make sure all of our questions were answered. There was even a little joke “rivalry” as his sons went to a rival school to mine. Even after I moved away and came back years later, he remembered me, and everything was instantly like it was.

But that’s it. Aside from that there were two broken bones and various other illnesses with bad treatment, bad bedside manner, and nothing positive to remember. But through all of this, I still considered the medical industry the only way. And then my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Actually, it starts months earlier, when she first noticed something was wrong. The doctor who purchased her original doctor’s practice refused to run tests. He simply adjusted her existing prescriptions. Again and again. She got frustrated and left him. Really not a surprise. The new doctor ran the tests, and it was cancer. Very widespread.

But it doesn’t end there. The oncologists weren’t any better. Constantly changing the information they were giving us, which led to more problems. Prescribing a course of chemo that put her in the hospital every time. And such an overall lack of care that I was pretty disgusted.

The cracks were there, and doctors were no longer the experts I once thought they were. And that is when I was introduced to Reiki. A co-worker of mine had taken the first level through one of the teachers he was learning Tai Chi from. He wouldn’t tell me anything about it, but there were plenty of books and websites about it already. I had studied martial arts in the past, so I had a general idea about what Ki was. The idea of Reiki intrigued. I took an online class and later, an in-person one. The most appealing part was that you could do hands-on healing on yourself. You didn’t need anyone else to do it for you. You weren’t dependent on anyone.

My first “this is real” moment occurred after a minor accident with a garden implement. There were two small punctures in my forearm, dark blood was oozing out, and bruising was forming immediately. I didn’t have a proper first aid kit, so I washed it off as best I could and held a paper towel over it. I was so new at Reiki, I didn’t even realize I was doing Reiki. But twenty minutes later, the bleeding had stopped, the bruising was completely gone, and there was only two small red marks to show any sign there was an injury. Today, there is no sign at all.

Reiki was my core from then on. But it didn’t stop there. I studied other modalities. I eventually got interested in EFT or Tapping. Now, my first experience in EFT was a bit dismissive. I called it “Poor Man’s Acupressure,” and I didn’t give it another thought. Years later, I was attending a talk a friend was giving at a local health fair. I was there more out of support than for information, as I had already made my mind up about EFT. When she asked for a volunteer, nobody raised their hand. Being the good friend, I volunteered for her. And I was hooked.

Like Reiki, EFT is something you do for yourself. You don’t need someone else to do it for you. Having a trained practitioner to guide you is helpful, but wholly unnecessary. And that has been my focus. Helping people help themselves. Helping people take charge of their health and not be dependent on a medical industry that only profits when you are sick, so there is no financial incentive to prevent or cure. 


Usui Reiki Training

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho – Master/Teacher – Linda Horton, Flora Elmore, Gary & Adele Malone, Lisa Powers
  • Green Tara Seichim – Master/Teacher – Stephen Lovering
  • Medicine Buddha Reiki – Master/Teacher – Kristen C. Dietz
  • Karuna Ki Reiki – Master/Teacher – Kristen C. Dietz
  • Gendai Reiki – Shihan – Shawn Erwin
  • Komyo Reiki Kai – Okuden – Hyakuten Inamoto

Additional Training

  • Anjali Yoga Academy: Breathwork Teacher Training
  • Centre of Excellence: Chi Gung Diploma – Holistic Health Practitioner – Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma – Tai Chi Diploma
  • Global Sciences Foundation: Belief Clearing Practitioner – Ho’oponopono Practitioner – Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner
  • Institute for Inner Studies: Basic Pranic Healing – Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Mike Dooley: Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer – Matrix Certified Trainer
  • Priority Academy: EFT-TFT Practitioner – EFT-TFT Master Practitioner – Law of Attraction Coaching –
    Meditation Practitioner-Teacher – Solution Based Hypnotherapy Practitioner