Master your life with Reiki

Using the principles of kaizen (small, continuous improvement)
and the practices of Reiki, you can master all aspects of your life:
body, mind, and spirit!

Reiki Sessions

Receive a thirty-minute treatment live over a Zoom call on a "pay what you can afford" basis

Reiki Life Coaching

Expand your spiritual life and improve everday using the principles and practices of Reiki

Reiki Store

Reiki manuals, meditations, and mini-courses as well as meditation guides and music to help you expand your practice.

Happy thoughts from my past students

When it comes to Reiki, I can only say Randy's knowledge, dedication, and honesty are unmatched. Randy is the most caring individual, funny, and straight to the point. Within his "humanness," is a great friend and person to know.
Randy is a caring, loving, big-hearted person. His style of teaching is easy to follow. Randy makes sure you understand before he moves on to the next material.
The first time I met Randy, he impressed me by the peace he transpires and his down to Earth personality. His soul is transparent and honest, and his mind is bright and sharp. I have been honored in sharing experiences, teachings, and rituals with him